picture of our travel plan

picture of our travel plan


15 months starting in St Petersburg,relaxing on the siberian-mongolian train to Bejing.
Exploring the Asian cultures, overland to Singapore, onto Indonesia and the Philipines before heading to South America via New Zealand.
Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Llama`s await before following the Pacific coast up through Peru,Ecudor to Colombia.
Then ancient temples, colonial towns and white beaches whilst travelling overland from Panama to Mexico in Central America !!!!

Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

Bolivia - Tour day 3, Desierto de Siloli and 5 lagoons

Day 3 - Desierto de Siloli, more lagoons, Salar Chiguana and corals
First we visited the Laguna Colorado again then heading to the desierto de Siloli (stone tree).
Passing and stopping at some of the five lagoons on the way. We also saw more flamingos.
Scenery is still fascinating. Time goes so quick
On the way we also saw an active volcano.
Just before we stopped to have lunch near some hill /rocks, the car started to make problems.
Luckily we reached the lunch place. So while food was prepared / eaten the drivers exchanged the fuel or something similar in the meantime so we did not loose any valuable time.
Crossed the small salar de chiguana. And then had a little stop at the train track which runs from Chile to Uyuni.
Had another break down, this time a flat tire. They changed the tire very quickle.
Must say despite this the car is pretty good, thinking of what it goes through (icy water, cold nights, bumpy roads, dessert, salt flats...).
Seen lots of dead big and small corals from the time when this area was still under water and this at a hight of 3700m!
Finished the day looking at a cave and chullpas.
Stayed in a Salt Hotel built out of salt. This time we had even hot shower!

Hurry up and take the picture this rock is damn heavy :-)

Is it a rabbit, kangaroo or a pig??. Answers on a postcard please

Keep calm and yoga on, its only active volcanoe

Breakdown number 2,  five minutes to change the tyre

Wheres a train when you need one

Dead corals at 4000 meters above sea level, explain that please

Our hotel almost made entirely out of salt

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