picture of our travel plan

picture of our travel plan


15 months starting in St Petersburg,relaxing on the siberian-mongolian train to Bejing.
Exploring the Asian cultures, overland to Singapore, onto Indonesia and the Philipines before heading to South America via New Zealand.
Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Llama`s await before following the Pacific coast up through Peru,Ecudor to Colombia.
Then ancient temples, colonial towns and white beaches whilst travelling overland from Panama to Mexico in Central America !!!!

Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2014

Ecuador - And some more Amazon

One day we did a 3 hour hike through the jungle, where we not only learned about some medical plant but also tasted them. A big tree with a window, how cool was that. We also spotted a little red poison frog.
Once again, after some time it rained again. very heavily. We still got the chance to see many animals, but did not take pictures of everything as we kept the camera in the bag in the rain. Seen some insects like a red poison frog, or a fungus that caught an ant (the root and the attached ant was underground), little ants that when rubbed between hands can be used as powder to put on you skin to prevent against mosquitos and much more.
At night we were looking out for caiman (alligator) and were lucky to spot a little one.
Also saw a little white snake.

On our last day we had really good weather. The jungle trees and the surrounding reflected nicely in the river and lagoon. Specially at sunset the Amazon truly amazed as even more. It was like Paradise!
After watching the gorgeous sunset we went for a short nightwalk were we saw a green frog, a scorpion and a very big tarantula.

Beeing here in the Cuyabeno Reserve was a unique experience. The sound of the wildlife at night, hearing and seeing the wildlife, birds and monkeys during the day, feeling thehumidity, being deep in the nature without getting disturbed by cars or the internet was so intense.
Awesome, so unique, so special in many ways! An unforgetable experience.
It even took us sometime to get the brazil- germany football score, this was only possible after another lodge recieved some new guests later that evening.

Poisoned ants

Giant cobwebs


3 metre long anaconda

Grasshopper on my boot




Another tarantula

Spiders web

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