picture of our travel plan

picture of our travel plan


15 months starting in St Petersburg,relaxing on the siberian-mongolian train to Bejing.
Exploring the Asian cultures, overland to Singapore, onto Indonesia and the Philipines before heading to South America via New Zealand.
Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Llama`s await before following the Pacific coast up through Peru,Ecudor to Colombia.
Then ancient temples, colonial towns and white beaches whilst travelling overland from Panama to Mexico in Central America !!!!

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

Ecuador - Quito

Quito, a very nice capital town surrounded by mountains/ volcano and what a lovely and charming colonial old town it has.
It was the first city to be named UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The old town has many churches and covents, a lot of nice squares.
We were wandering around the old town a full day.
Going on top of the towers of the basilica to get a view over the town was brilliant.
Quito also has nice green parks to walk, bicicyle, play or just lay down in the grass.
Public transport is so cheap at $0.25 for a 30km journey across the city. Diesel is priced at $1 a gallon
Mariscal the new town has lots of restaurants, bars and clubs
We could not believe how many people already start drinking at 3pm every day (besides Sunday, most bars and discos are closed). Maybe this is because Cuba Libre and Beers are priced at 1 Dollar
This is where we watched the World Cup Final with 30 other Germans and some local people. Some where supporting Argentina and some just watching the great game. The athosmphere was awesome. When Germany got the Goal and won everybody was cheering and dancing. When walking in the street many congratulated.  :-)

One of the many nice streets in the old town

The Planetarium, free entry to see all the old instruments

View from top of the Basilica over old town 

The way we had to walk to get to One of the Tower of the Church 

Nice courtyard 

The Palace at plaza grande 

Plaza Grande

San Francisco Convent 

San Francisco Church inside

And from the outside

Calle la ronda

San Blas Plaza

I love fresh pinapple juice 

Ciudad del mundo, 20 km north of Quito The middle of the world. The equator Monument behind us.one foot on the South and One on the northern hemisphere. 

There is even a line through the church to mark the equator. 

Auf geht's Deutschland! Schießt ein Tor!

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