picture of our travel plan

picture of our travel plan


15 months starting in St Petersburg,relaxing on the siberian-mongolian train to Bejing.
Exploring the Asian cultures, overland to Singapore, onto Indonesia and the Philipines before heading to South America via New Zealand.
Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Llama`s await before following the Pacific coast up through Peru,Ecudor to Colombia.
Then ancient temples, colonial towns and white beaches whilst travelling overland from Panama to Mexico in Central America !!!!

Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2014

Ecuador - Cuenca

30.06. Got up early at 5am to catch two buses to our next destination.
We arrived in time in Cuenca to watch the German football game.
Cuenca lies in a valley at about 2500m and has around 450k people living there.
The city is competing with Quito to be the most beautiful and nicest city in Ecuador. The center is a Unesco World Heritage Site.
One lane streets, cobbled streets, many green little parks / squares, colonial buildings, quite a few churches, flower and craft markets give the town a very nice touch. It is also very clean.
The New Cathedral at the main plaza has 3 beautiful skyblue domes.
The city is internationally famous for the Panama hat.
We stayed quite centrally at Hostel Yakumama. They had swiss homemade bread for breakfast, nice to eat a good bread! From here we could walk the attractions in the city and also were quickly at the river Tomebamba. Nice relaxed stroll down there to the Pumapungo Museum on ethnography and old Ecuadorian money (free entry).
Very laid back feel, frriendly and in a way has a bohemian spirit. Also good bars are around.

San Sebastian Church 

New Cathedral

Flower market in Front of el Carmen Church 

One of the many Parks / plazas 

Santo Domingo Church

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